Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Beware hedgehogs in your bonfire

Beware hedgehogs in your bonfire

Sir, — Henley in Bloom is championing the hedgehog and it has been delightful to work with year 2 at Sacred Heart Primary School who have created a very colourful window display at the library to bring awareness to the plight of hedgehogs nesting or hibernating in bonfires.

A bonfire is a very attractive nesting or hibernation site for a hedgehog and they will be attracted to them at any time of year. Nesting hedgehogs are very difficult to find so it is necessary to check there are no animals trapped inside.

Councillor Donna Crook made some very sweet hedgehogs for the display which we assembled at the library, where they will be nesting until tomorrow. — Yours faithfully,

Catherine Notaras

Henley in Bloom committee, Elizabeth Road, Henley

Sir, — Around this time of year, as it is the week leading up to bonfire night, the Henley Standard usually prints a plea for people organising events and building bonfires to fence them (or preferably build them on the day) to avoid doing terrible damage to hedgehogs and other wildlife which seek out nice dry wood piles to overwinter. I would be grateful if you would be kind enough to publish a reminder in this in this week’s edition.

You also might like to direct your readers to
rememberhedgehogs-bonfire-night, where there are posters and other information, and to this worthy petition
p/help-save-britain-s-hedgehogs-with-hedgehog-highways — Yours faithfully,

Fiona Jennings

St Mark’s Road, Henley

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