Friday, 22 February 2019

Fruit and flowers... in November!

Fruit and flowers... in November!

Sir, — Like many gardeners last summer, I spent hours watering favourite vegetable plants and flowers.

Sadly, my raspberries withered under the constant heat.

Remarkably, owing to refreshing rain and steady autumn sunshine, all my raspberries canes are fruiting now in November! I’m picking 1lb daily.

There is one difference — our resident blackbirds leave them alone and I’m allowed to pick them because, so far, the wildlife does not seem to realise they are there.

Another surprise is that my Madame Albert Carriere rose is flowering too. It normally stops in September.

This very fragrant climbing rose has a mass of white flowers that still continue, with new flower buds emerging daily.

It grows profusely, every year, probably because we also prune it very hard and feed it. — Yours faithfully,

Peter Woolsey

Binfield Health

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