Monday, 16 September 2019

So much for road repair promise

So much for road repair promise

Sir, — I read with interest the article headlined “Potholed roads repaired... and there’s more to come” about a number of Henley roads having been repaired (Standard, December 28).

It was mentioned that there had been a number of complaints about the roads with one couple worrying about falling over and being injured.

We, the residents of Albert Road, were promised a number of years ago, when the new parking bays were painted, that the road would be resurfaced.

The promise was made by David Nimmo-Smith, who was then our representative on Oxfordshire County Council, but so far it has not been kept. The potholes being filled is a waste of time as the road is now beyond being just patched up year after year.

My husband, who rides a motorbike, has nearly fallen off his machine on a number of occasions due to the appalling state of the road.

So, like the couple who were worried they might injure themselves, we have the same concern. Will it take someone being injured and the council being sued before anything is done?

I enclose photos of some examples of the state of Albert Road. — Yours faithfully,

Patricia Havenga

Albert Road, Henley

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