Sunday, 21 April 2019

What is wrong with you people?

What is wrong with you people?

Sir, — While out walking in Crowsley Park, I noticed environmental vandals had fly-tipped two black bin liners full of Evian water bottles and one bottle of Ronar Brut sparkling wine.

I would imagine this was dumped after some sort of running or cycling event in the area so someone may recognise the Ronar sparkling wine, allowing us to trace the vandals.

Having looked online, I found the supermarket which sells this brand is Morrisons. Can the supermarket chain look on its records to see a purchase of multiple Evian water and one bottle of Ronar Brut?

Let’s catch these vandals and bring them to justice so hopefully they get the maximum punishment of £50,000 and a
12-month prison sentence. — Yours faithfully,

John Goldsmith

Dunsden Green

Sir, — On Sunday morning we parked in the entrance to Crowsley Park woods, on the road from Sonning Common to Binfield Heath, a regular walking circuit we do with our dogs.

Once again we came across “the blight of our landscape” — fly-tipping.

Somebody had taken the trouble to bag up a collection of empty plastic bottles and then discard them. A couple of windy days had helped to distribute a lot of them into the woodland plus other rubbish as the bags were split open.

Whoever did this, haven’t you heard of recycling?!

After returning the dogs, I am now going back to clear it up. — Yours faithfully,

James Watkins

Sonning Common

Sir, — Following Laureen Williamson’s letter last week, I thought I would draw your readers’ attention to the constant fly- tipping in Henley market place.

I took a photograph of bags of rubbish piled up by the public litter bins at the end of January and it took nearly two weeks to get them removed despite constant phone calls and calling in at the town hall.

Each time it is reported the response is: “It’s not our rubbish, it’s either commercial or residential and not our responsibility.”

I would like to know who is responsible as I have been battling for more than four years now as this is a constant problem and eyesore. — Yours faithfully,

John Howard


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