Monday, 06 July 2020

Can anyone solve mystery of where Orchard Avenue went?

Can anyone solve mystery of where Orchard Avenue went?

Now that the old footpath along Peppard Lane from Gillotts School in Henley has been cleared and newly paved, this road sign has appeared.

It leads to nowhere. Can anyone elucidate? — Yours faithfully,

Jane Case

Greys Road, Henley

Does anyone know about Orchard Avenue? There is a street sign for it on a wall at the top end of Peppard Lane.

If you go up the Peppard Lane bridleway, away from the town, and past the junction with the footpaths to Henley leisure centre and Makins Road, almost as far as the end at Gillotts Field, you will see the sign on your left.

If you go down the lane the other way, you may miss the sign as it will be behind you.

The sign marks what looks like a lane at first but the lane disappears into undergrowth.

Is it a real avenue, or has the sign just been moved there from somewhere else and attached to a garden wall? — Yours faithfully,

Chris Bond

St Andrew’s Road, Henley

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