Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Mirrors, mirrors on the walls

Mirrors, mirrors on the walls

Further to your Hidden Henley item (Standard, July 9) about the mirrors that used to be in place at the junction of Church Street, High Street and School Lane in Wargrave, maybe these photographs from the Wargrave Local History Society archives will be of interest?

In one image you can see the Bull pub, with a mirror in place on the outside, and in the other, there is another on the then grocery store, which is where the brackets shown in your photograph are.

We do not have exact dates for the images, but from other details in the photographs, the one on the grocery shop dates from about 1975, and those on the Bull are from the Eighties.

A photograph dated April 1989 shows there to be no mirror on the Bull corner, although the one on the grocers is still in place then. — Yours faithfully,

Peter Delaney

Secretary, Wargrave Local History Society

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