Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Our neighbour’s hedge is too big

Our neighbour’s hedge is too big

OUR neighbour’s hedge is more than 20ft high and 60ft long and overhanging our garden by a least 6ft.

Over the years I have tried to persuade my neighbour to cut it to a legal height (I have been told that the law says 2m high maximum) but unfortunately my request fell on deaf ears.

Leylandii grow rapidly if not controlled. As we live in a chalet bungalow, privacy is not an issue.

It’s making that side of the garden stunted, if anything can grow at all.

Now the hedge has got to such a height that tree surgeons say it would be very expensive to cut back my side as it is over the height to cut from a ladder.

My husband and I have worked hard on our garden to get it how it is now from just grass but those trees are invasive and getting more so each year.

The pergola my husband built when we first moved in is 6ft from the dividing fence and 8ft high, so this picture gives you an impression of how the hedge looks from my garden.

One of our remaining pleasures, as I’m 83 and my husband 90, is sitting in the garden. Please can anyone suggest how we can get the hedge cut to 2m?

Do I have to go to law, which would be very costly and as pensioners we have limited funds.

Somehow there must be a way for everyone who is suffering from overgrown leylandii hedges to get them cut to a reasonable height. I’m sure we’re not alone. — Yours faithfully,

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