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Letters - Charabanc was revolution on road

Letters - Charabanc was revolution on road
Sir, — Your readers will be aware that 2014 marks the centenary of the start of the Great War.

However, it is also 100 years since the first motor bus services started from Henley.

Local grocer Edwin Venn-Brown had a large shop on the corner of Bell Street and New Street, which retained the established name of Albert Austin & Co.

Edwin foresaw the value of improving local transport options, as up until then the townspeople only had the branchline railway as a means of leaving the town unless they were among the small number then owning cars.

He placed The Venture charabanc on the road in April 1914 on a service linking Marlow, Henley and Reading, covering the 17-mile long route twice each way most days, with Sundays and Mondays reserved for the vehicle to offer excursions or be hired by private parties.

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