Monday, 15 August 2022

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Peppard Bowls Club is 85 years old. Originally both All Saints Church Choir, at Rotherfield Peppard, and the Bowls Club were only available to the male of the species! Fortunately, in more recent times, members of the “fairer sex” have been included and they add an important dimension to both choir and bowls.

Many of the past choristers and organist at our local Parish Church were also keen members of our Bowls Club and made huge contributions in the offices which they held. Indeed, the Club Bar is in the aptly named “Clayton Room”. Historically, the “Claytons” were a very well-known local family involved in local sports and the church.

Both the Church and Bowls Club would give a very warm welcome to newcomers! We all enjoy socialising and members of the congregation always look forward to coffee and biscuits, after the morning service, in the Parish Room. The Bowls Club Bar is very well stocked and offers wines, beers and soft drinks at competitive prices. Tea and biscuits are also readily available on request!

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