Friday, 19 August 2022

Your Letters

Sir, — The Heathrow flight paths trials currently taking place have caused aircraft noise over Henley to considerably worsen.

This relentless noise can continue all day and for much of the night.

To illustrate the problem, early on the morning of the Sunday before last, I pointed my camera upwards to see the exhaust contrails of dozens of screaming airliners filling the sky.

Thankfully, due to widespread noise complaints, Heathrow Airport has now confirmed that it will end its airspace trials on November 12 rather than on January 26 as originally planned.

I understand that one plane takes off, or lands, at Heathrow every 45 seconds and that there are 1,400 flights a day and half a million a year. As if all this were not too much to endure already, the proposal to build a third runway at Heathrow seems to be favoured rather than to develop an alternative airport at Boris Island. — Yours faithfully,

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