Friday, 12 August 2022

Your letters

By George! Clooney has a brother . . . .

Sir, - Did anyone spot the similarity between Henley Mayor Martin Akehurst’s photo on page three of the Henley Standard two weeks ago and that of George Clooney on the same page?

I couldn’t tell the difference... - Yours faithfully,
Sheila Curtis

Is this social cleansing?

Sir, — I was shocked and disappointed to read about Soha’s decision to close Sidney Harrison House in Shiplake rather than carry out work on the property (Standard, October 17).

Most of Henley’s council houses have, in the last few years, had double glazing and new kitchens fitted, so why not upgrade Sidney Harrison House? Perhaps a huge amount of money has been waved at the council for the land?

The council needs to realise that these social housing properties are absolutely essential, particularly in an area as affluent as Henley, where the estate agents tell us that £300,000 is affordable. No, you idiots, it is not affordable for the young people living in Henley.

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