Monday, 20 September 2021

Your letters

Sir, — This piece of equipment doesn’t look too “health and safety”.

Sir, — This piece of equipment doesn’t look too “health and safety”.

It’s beyond the Henley station car park proper, on the right hand side next to a wall bordering gardens of the adjacent houses. It has been like this for some time.

At worst it is mighty dangerous, at best hardly the thing you’d want day coach visitors to see as they wander into town.

The council may care to do something to rectify it. — Yours faithfully,

Michael Hodges

Station Road, Henley

Sir, — In year four at Valley Road School in Henley we decided that in the last couple of weeks of term it would be a good idea to try to spread a little Christmas cheer.

We focused our literacy lessons on writing letters and then made cards, envelopes and a bookmark present.

I contacted the Henley Over-60s Club, explained our project and asked if they thought there was anyone there who would like to receive a package from our eight- and nine-year-olds and was given 39 names and addresses!

The whole class and my teaching assistants then began delivering the packages to the people on the list. Over the course of two days all the letters were delivered.

During the process we met a couple of the recipients, who were very grateful and touched.

One gentleman came straight out while we were delivering and was keen to meet the girl who had written his letter. It turned out she shared the same name as his mother. He showed her a special picture of him catching a prize-winning ray with people that shared her surname!

The children had been taught that if you show interest in someone else that they are likely to show interest in you, so with this in mind their letters contained questions and, to their delight, within a day the first letters began to come back to them via the school.

We had stories, jokes and cards. One lady mentioned to her letter writer that it was just her and her dog at home at Christmas so they weren’t doing a tree and decorations.

This was something that Katy just had to fix, so she came back to school the next day to get the address once again.

She had made a small Christmas tree and with the help of her parents wanted to take it to Sheila so she could enjoy it too.

This was definitely the most worthwhile project I have come up with. The children were writing for a real purpose and were spreading good feeling at the same time. It was lovely to see the excitement on their faces when the replies started to arrive.

We live in a lovely place and many of our children are very fortunate. This project encouraged them to consider other people, particularly at this special time of year. — Yours faithfully,

Rachel Herbert

Class teacher, Valley Road School, Henley

Sir, — To just possibly take issue with a quotation attributed to Mark Twain, I hope this photograph taken at the Springs Golf Course says it is not spoiled! — Yours faithfully,

Terry Allsop


Sir, — Returning from a lovely walk on Christmas Day, I took this photograph of a red admiral butterfly.

Having not seen many at all last year it was nice to see one on this special day. — Yours faithfully,

Lewis Every

Swiss Farm, Henley

Hi Simon, Just possibly to take issue with a quotation attributed to Mark Twain, hope this photograph taken at The Springs Golf Course says it is not spoiled!

Kind regards,


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