Monday, 20 September 2021

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Beautiful portrait of a handsome dog

Beautiful portrait of a handsome dog

Sir, — I just wanted to let you know that I went to meet artist Clive Hemsley last week to collect my portrait of Hunter, our five-year-old Hungarian vizla, which I won in the Henley Standard competition.

We think Hunter is beautiful and thought he would love to have his portrait painted, so thank you so much for organising the competition. Clive’s painting is beautiful and captures Hunter’s personality perfectly. Clive is a lovely man, extremely warm and welcoming. Hunter met him too.

Clive took this photo of myself and Hunter which I am happy for you to use. Thanks again. — Yours faithfully,

Krista Gowing


Good season for taking photographs

Sir, — Readers may be aware I have produced about 100 artworks of Henley’s finest mutts in conjunction with the Henley Standard.

I originally only wanted to look after us Mill Meadows dog walkers but it got a little out of hand and I have now painted dogs from Caversham to New Zealand (I had no idea the Henley Standard has readers across the globe).

In order to get the balance right for us locals, I will do another final six (with my compliments) but this time we will up the stakes.

This is the brief — you must confirm you are local and that you are a Mill Meadows walker. I will choose the best six dog images from the ones that are sent to me via the editor and start the artworks in March, so there’s no hurry. I will close the offer at the end of February.

I would like a little more creativity this time round:

1. I must be able to see both eyes and head. I need the dog’s name and your contact details (it got a bit confusing when I had pictures of several dogs called Boris and Diesel).

2. Try to get a low shot (dog level).

3. If the pooch has something around his/her neck such as a neckerchief or a unique collar so much the better or maybe something in her/his mouth if it’s that sort of breed.

4. Colour always stimulates the brain so think about that.

5. Your dog must be at least nine months old.

Send your images to:

We are all so privileged to have this unique walk (Mill Meadows) and also to own such gorgeous animals. Having lost a few myself, I know the importance of capturing them now so we can keep their happy memories.

Good luck and happy New Year. — Yours faithfully,

Clive Hemsley

Hart Street, Henley

Sir, — Winter time is a good time to take photographs. Here is one of the amazing sky on the morning of Wednesday last week. — Yours faithfully,

Uwe Deffner

Harpsden Way, Henley

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