Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Which way to Twyford station?

Which way to Twyford station?

Sir, — Please assist, we are baffled. Most Sunday mornings I cycle, with a friend, over Henley Bridge, then down Remenham Lane towards Hambleden Lock.

As we turn off White Hill into Remenham Lane, just by the Little Angel pub, there are two tourist signposts that have us baffled.

We have both lived in Henley since birth but neither my friend nor I can understand how one would sensibly cycle to Twyford railway station, particularly if in a hurry, by heading north along Remenham Lane (i.e. in the opposite direction).

While taking the attached photograph (sorry about the quality, the sun was not in the best position) a local lady who was just passing said this confused her also.

So would Henley Standard readers have any suggestions? — Yours faithfully,

Ray Cooke


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