Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Lesson from past on air pollution

Lesson from past on air pollution

Sir, — Air pollution and the health-threatening situation we have in our towns is much in the news — and so it should be.

While all kinds of long-term improvements are being talked about, we the inhabitants, our town councillors and district and county council officials need to use every opportunity to incrementally make improvements.

Greening the town is mentioned but where is the action?

The above photograph of Northfield End House and the little copse of trees and bushes in front of it, dating back to the early 20th century, suggests something that could easily be done now.

Compare this with what this space looks like now — a well-kept, short-mown lawn, two potted birch trees, a bench and a bin, as shown in the other photograph. None of these will do much, if anything, to absorb the damaging exhaust particles from passing traffic.

On the contrary, the bench inviting a hapless passer-by to sit down, perhaps to enjoy a snack and take in the view, is a positively dangerous item in this ensemble, while the little trees are, sadly, pot-bound.

So please, councillors, get your spades out and ask our parks team to dig good-sized holes for the trees to give them a chance to grow, add a few more trees and bushes and recreate something like the copse we see in the early photograph.

But before you do anything else, please remove the bench from that lethal location now! — Yours faithfully,

Ruth Gibson

Vicarage Road, Henley

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