Friday, 03 December 2021

Pre-school still ‘good’ says Ofsted

A PRE-SCHOOL in Lewknor has maintained its “good” rating from an education watchdog.

Krakatoa Pre-School, which is based in the Jubilee Hall and run by a committee of parents, was inspected by Ofsted on March 7.

In her report, inspector Gillian Little said: “Staff develop highly positive relationships with children and their parents, and they welcome everyone warmly to the pre-school. Children settle quickly, behave well and make good friendships.

“Staff teach children a wide range of skills to prepare them well for school. Children listen carefully, they respond well to staff and play co-operatively.

“Leaders, managers and staff follow clear safeguarding procedures to help keep children safe. Staff supervise children closely and teach them how to keep themselves safe.”

The pre-school is not yet outstanding, she said, as staff sometimes “restrict children’s creativity and thinking rather than encourage them to consider different ways of responding to questions and ideas.”

She added: “Leaders and managers do not make the best use of opportunities to compare the progress of different groups of children, to identify any less-obvious gaps in practice.”

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