Monday, 17 January 2022

Children learn about a real bug’s life from expert

Children learn about a real bug’s life from expert

PUPILS at Lewknor Primary School had a visit from a scientist.

David Hooper, an atmospheric physicist at the Rutherford Appleby Laboratory in Abingdon, shared his love of insects.

The upper junior children are currently studying the science topic “living things and their habitats” and Mr Hooper showed them the different classes of insects and his photographs of creatures including oil beetles, comma butterflies, grasshoppers and crickets and a variety of bumblebees including red-tails, buff-tails, common carder bees and ivy bees.

Headteacher Deborah Cole said: “The children were fascinated and asked him lots of questions but were also enthusiastic to offer their own knowledge and ideas about these wonderful creatures.

“Mr Hooper came to us as part of a scheme called Science Ambassadors where scientists go into schools to share their enthusiasm and expertise. Not only is he a very interesting scientist but he is also a talented photographer.”

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