Monday, 17 January 2022

Pupils learn about exotic animals with zoo volunteer

Pupils learn about exotic animals with zoo volunteer

CHILDREN at Lewknor Primary School were able hold a tortoise and a snake when Erica Godwin, a volunteer at Whipsnade Zoo, visited with her exotic animals.

Headteacher Deborah Cole said: “This was a wonderful opportunity for our children, who are learning all about living things and their habitats in science.

“Mrs Godwin told us some super facts about her tortoises, such as how long they live, how they breed and what they like to eat. They are all from one family and one tortoise had hatched only a month before. They seemed very happy to roam freely around the upper juniors classroom and to be held by the children.”

The children were shown some corn snakes, each differently coloured. Mrs Godwin talked about how they constrict the breathing of their prey and they shed their skin and she left a shed snakeskin, which is now on display in the classroom.

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