Friday, 03 December 2021

Children ‘cheat’ at school sports day

SCHOOL sports days can be competitive affairs but at Lewknor primary it applies more to the parents than the children.

Last week, the school published the results of a parent questionnaire, which it sent out in July, in its newsletter.

Under the heading “What we could improve?” one comment read: “Make a point of enforcing the rules for the children when competing at sports day, i.e. no holding the ‘egg’ on the spoon in the egg and spoon race. It may seem petty. However, to not do so teaches the children they can effectively cheat but there are no consequences if they do. Ditto the skipping race, where many children run and don’t skip.”

Headteacher Deborah Cole replied: “The teachers and teaching assistants hold a practice sports day every year before the event. The children are taught the rules and practise running their races. Young children can become overexcited on the day and that is when they ‘forget’ the rules they have been taught.”

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