Wednesday, 08 December 2021

Walking for dad

Walking for dad

A WOMAN from Lewknor is to walk 50km during July to raise money for charity.

Cheryl Evans, 44, decided to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society after her father was diagnosed with dementia. She hopes to raise at least £300.

Ms Evans, who lives in the village with her son, said: “My dad has been having memory issues for a couple of years but he put it down to age.

“He underwent an operation for a stomach aneurysm and had anaesthesia delirium after that — he didn’t know where or who he was. He was diagnosed with early dementia soon afterwards.

“I saw him for Father’s Day for the first time in six months as I was not allowed to visit him due to covid.

“All the things that made him my dad, his personality and his humour, were gone, which shocked me obviously. He couldn’t remember or found it really hard to recall a lot of memories from my childhood and our life together.

“It left me feeling hopeless. You can’t just put a plaster on it and no one can tell you that is going to be okay because it’s just not. 

“Dementia is an awful disease and, sadly, many of us may end up caring for someone who has it or have it ourselves.”

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