Thursday, 18 August 2022

Authors who float your boat

Wildfire Proof Party
The Hibernia

WARMLY welcomed as we boarded The Hibernia, offered wine and a comfortable seat, we were introduced to Phoebe Lock, Karen Hamilton and Leo Carew — all debut authors in their genres.

Each gave us a short and enticing precis of their book: psychological thriller with a supernatural twist (The Tall Man), jilted girlfriend stalking lover to win him back “at any cost” (The Perfect Girlfriend), and the first volume of three based on the premise that more than one strain of human being survived the Ice Age (The Wolf), which has been likened to Game of Thrones.

Short readings left us all wanting more of at least one title — a need easily supplied by the generous publishers who gave us all proof copies of the books and a rather fetching canvas bag in which to carry them home. Although the man next to me was a little amused to carry a black bag with “The Perfect Girlfriend” emblazoned in bright pink!

There were several questions about the routes the authors had taken to publication, and of course each had a different story to tell. However, we learned that all three had begun writing in secret and that full-time writing can be a daunting career change.

While other demands can impose discipline for some, they can also crowd out writing time: thus the confidence that can be found in attending courses and workshops can be a great help in giving time and validation to aspiring authors.

Thank you to Wildfire for such a pleasant hour on the river in good company with an enthusiastic audience and every success to Phoebe, Karen and Leo on publication next year.

Lyn Greenwood

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