Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Novelist at book shop

AN author visited the Bell Bookshop in Henley on Tuesday to sign copies of her new novel.

Helen Cullen came after hours to leave a message in copies of The Truth Must Dazzle Gradually.

She crossed out her name on the title page of each book and wrote: “To an unknown reader, with every good wish, Helen Cullen.”

The Irish author, who lives in Buckinghamshire, said she was happy to come and thanked the book shop.

“If you’re in Henley, please pop in,” she added.

Hilary Redhead,
co-owner of the shop, said: “We know her quite well because this is her second novel and she is on our recommended reading shelf.

“A lot of authors put a cross through their name and write a personal message underneath. I think we still have about eight copies left in the shop.”

Cullen’s first book was The Lost Letters of William Woolf.

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