Saturday, 13 August 2022

Review - Hilarious snapshot

Review - Hilarious snapshot
I HAVE to be honest, as afternoons go, AN Wilson’s hour-long chat about his new biography of Queen Victoria, Victoria: A Life, was not disappointing.

The packed audience listened intently to the often hilarious Mr Wilson, as he was expertly guided by interviewer Harry Mount of the Daily Telegraph, into revealing a Queen many of us would be unfamiliar with.

We learnt Queen Victoria was a “passionate German“, with a great sense of humour. “Electrifyingly” interesting in so many ways.

Nor was she as prudish as is often portrayed. For instance, Mr Wilson said the infamous line “We are not amused”, was not in fact some personal mantra, but a perfectly reasonable response to a series of coarse remarks made by someone during a private dinner party.

The Queen was however “an odd person”, who as a child, and almost uniquely for the time, was never disciplined. She became spoilt, and in many ways never really grew up.

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