Saturday, 13 August 2022

Writer’s ‘sequel’ to classic Orwell novel

THE author of a sequel to George Orwell’s dystopian novel Animal Farm signed copies of his new book in Henley. Nigel Bryant, who wrote Manor Farm, was at tea shop Upstairs and Downstairs in Duke Street.

Orwell grew up in Henley and Shiplake and his widely acclaimed book, published in 1945, covered tumultuous events during the early 20th century. Manor Farm continues the allegorical tale from the publication of Animal Farm to the present day.

Mr Bryant, 65, who wrote the book in six months, said: “I’m treading in rather large footsteps but it just seemed to me the events that have happened over the last 60 years ought to be talked about.

“Animal Farm itself is fairly simple and straightforward so I’m not trying to recreate Shakespeare, I’m just trying to recreate the allegory of the farm. I’m not pretending this is going to be the book of the 21st century but I think it has things to say. My main premise is that we ought to learn from history and that we have seen it all before.

“It covers the building and destruction of the Berlin Wall, the Cuban missile crisis and more recently the Pussy Riot arrests and imprisonment.”

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