Saturday, 20 August 2022

Questions and no answers

Candace Bushnell, Kenton Theatre:

Candace Bushnell, Kenton Theatre:

THE creator of arguably four of New York’s most famous residents made an entrance befitting any New Yorker — vivacious, loud and unapologetic.

Candace Bushnell immediately declared that while she was appearing at Henley Literary Festival to promote her latest book Killing Monica, she would be happy to answer questions like who is the real Mr Big and does she have three friends like Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte?

For her part, interviewer Hannah Beckerman asked insightful questions — she’d clearly done her homework — but Candace rarely answered them.

Instead she embarked on several rambling rants about sexism in Hollywood and the publishing industry — as well as sexual harassment in the workplace in general.

She played to her largely female audience, bemoaning the expectations placed on women to be all things — successful at business and at home — while men retain all the power.

While I’m sure some women were enthralled by this brand of in-your-face feminism, for me it was a far cry from the empowered New York women who inspired a generation to go out and get what they wanted from their relationships.

An entertaining night, if nothing else!

Review: Rebekah Sharrock

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