Thursday, 07 July 2022

Comedian helping some amphibians

Comedian helping some amphibians

THE Henley Toad Patrol had a special visitor on Tuesday night in the shape of Russell Brand.

The comedian, who lives near Henley, visited the barrier in Fawley where volunteers are collecting the amphibians and carrying them across the busy Marlow Road to their spawning ponds.

He talked to the volunteers and helped transport some of the toads, frogs and newts himself.

Brand tweeted: “Toad patrol. Rescuing toads from the roads. What beautiful people.”

The Toad Patrol replied: “And thank you so much for stopping and saving a couple of Henley toads.”

The visit came hot on the heels of Brand’s second tour preview show at the Christ Church Centre.

Hundreds of people queued ahead of the RecoveryLive talk, in which he spoke about addiction and self-help as well as his book, Recovery, and how people can improve their lives. He’s all heart.

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