Monday, 23 May 2022

Ewe killed in attack by dogs

A SHEEP was killed and four others injured when two dogs attacked them in a field in Maidensgrove.

The four surviving sheep, which were part of a larger flock of 40, suffered severe wounds.

Shepherd Graham Webb, 54, from Cookley Green, said the dead sheep was his pedigree breeding ewe.

He said: “Basically it was killed by being dragged down by its neck. The dogs then punctured its chest, removed its heart and several of the other organs.

“It was pretty gruesome. The other sheep mostly had puncture wounds to the neck and several to their back legs and haunches. They are on the road to recovery.”

Mr Webb said the attack and resulting vet’s bill would probably cost him about £350.

He was alerted at about 7am on Wednesday last week by the owner of the field who had managed to chase the dogs away into a nearby wood.

When he arrived, Mr Webb moved the rest of the sheep to another field.

He said his vet, NorCal Veterinary Services in Thame, had given him antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication for the other sheep. 

Mr Webb said it was not the first time he had lost livestock in a dog attack, having experienced a similar incident near Swyncombe about six years ago.

He said: “It’s just so irresponsible for people to kick their dogs out in the morning unattended to roam around the countryside.

“If these dogs are of that character then, who knows, they might go and attack a child or someone else’s dog.

“If you have dogs in the countryside you have to obey the countryside code.

“I have never liked guns and I do not have a firearm but I would be completely in my rights to shoot any offending dog.

“I wouldn’t like to do it because it’s not the dog’s fault but the owner’s. Instead I’d rather people behaved responsibly and kept dogs on the lead around livestock.”

Thames Valley Police are investigating the attacks.

Anyone with information should call the police non-emergency number 101, quoting reference number 18611919.

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