Saturday, 17 April 2021

Car taken in farm raid

A CAR and machinery were stolen from a farm in Medmenham.

Thieves took the Subaru Legacy after breaking into Kingsbarn Farm, off the A4155, at about 7.30pm on Tuesday last week.

Farmer Tracey Betteridge said the vehicle belonged to her landlady and that she had only had it for a month.

The thieves also took two STHIL leaf blowers, a new Honda lawnmower and a large pressure washer from Medmenham Abbey, together worth about £5,000.

Miss Betteridge said: “They knew exactly what they were going and how to do it. They had obviously been watching.

“There is a 6ft bolted gate but they managed to get over that.

“Once they had stolen the car, they drove out and left the gate open.

“It is a shame because you just can’t trust anybody now. Nothing is sacred anymore.

“I can’t see there being much hope of getting anything back. It would be great to think that the car could be found.”

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