Monday, 04 July 2022

Iraq veteran takes charge of base

A NEW station commander has been appointed at RAF Benson.

Group Captain Nigel Colman has handed over control of the base to Group Captain Simon Paterson.

Gp Capt Colman, the final RAF Merlin force commander, has spent the last two years in the role as well as Puma force commander. His successor, who will take charge of the Puma force, joins the station after several staff tours.

After joining the RAF and completing flying training, he served as a search and rescue pilot flying the Sea King at Wattisham before transferring his expertise to the Chinook, where he completed operational tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

After a staff tour that saw him contribute to the purchase of additional Merlin helicopters, he arrived at RAF Benson as the Officer Commanding 28 (Army Co-operation) Squadron, flying the Merlin and completing further operational and command tours in Afghanistan.

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