Saturday, 23 January 2021

Gin infused with ash wood will get your motor running

THE Morgan Motor Company has long been famous for its use of ash wood in the construction of its cars, writes Nigel Wigmore.

The 111-year-old firm has now discovered a creative use for the surplus material, with the launch of its Morgan x Piston Gin, produced in collaboration with Piston Distillery.

Believed to be the world’s first ash-infused gin, it is made using delicate shavings of the wood that is used to form the body-supporting frame on every Morgan.

This frame sits on the CX-Generation bonded aluminium platform — or, historically, Morgan’s venerable steel chassis — on every four-wheeled Morgan, supporting the bodywork.

The use of wood – chosen for its pliable nature, light weight and sustainability — has been part of Morgan’s coachbuilding method since it launched its first car, a three wheeler, in 1909.

Morgan x Piston Gin features notes of natural crisp sweet apple and delicate wood from the carefully selected shavings of ash. Its signature pour is a ginger ale mixer, garnished with fresh blackberries and plenty of ice.

The spirit is produced by Piston Distillery, a gin maker founded in 2018 and the award-winning gin combines 14 botanicals. Toby Blythe, head of marketing, Morgan Motor Company, said, “Ash wood forms one of Morgan’s three core materials, alongside aluminium and leather, and as such is intrinsic to our identity.

“When we worked with the expert distillers at Piston Gin we were curious to find out how this material could be infused with their acclaimed gins and the result speaks for itself.”

Grace Stringer, distillery manager, Piston Distillery, said, “It’s a great idea to pay homage to Morgan’s history by using ash as its signature botanical, and adding the apple to soften the flavour has created a wonderfully distinctive gin.”


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