Friday, 30 July 2021

Shooting cars in the best possible taste

by Nigel Wigmore

GLAMOUR models have been used to decorate the bonnets of cars at motor shows since the shows themselves began.

In the Sixties feminists attacked this kind of “exploitation” and today in motor shows, though the sales pitch is similar — using glam models to sell new models, so to speak — it is by and large done with more taste.

However, there is one common element to the way we see these images: the camera that takes the pictures. The inaugural Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham at the weekend was not for the faint-hearted when it came to cameras: they were everywhere. Big brother was watching from every angle.

Small ones, big ones, lenses longer than your arm, wide angle lenses that scooped a panoramic shot in one bite: and inevitably there were the models and cars.

Actually, the model I snapped adorning the bonnet of a classic MG was presented in the best possible taste, as the late comedian Kenny Everett used to say.


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