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Citroen unveil quirky all-electric Ami 100%

Citroen unveil quirky all-electric Ami 100%

JUST when you thought an all-electric car doesn’t have to look much different from a conventional car, Citroën has come up with the Ami 100% electric.

Now this new Ami looks how I recall electric vehicles looking back in the day — well, at least a decade or so ago.

There was always something mildly embarrassing about driving around in a little, awkward box of an electric car.

I’m sure the French carmaker, which has revealed pricing and specification details for the new Ami 100% electric “quadricycle” and its light goods variant, My Ami Cargo, would disagree with me.

But it is, as they say, what it is: to my mind the new Ami 100% electric might be a futuristic example of sleek design, yet appears to be a tad old-fashioned.

However, there is nothing old-fashioned about its price: the most affordable Ami in the Ami 100% electric line-up, is priced at only £7,695 (on the road).

That’s a price that would please any city slicker watching the pennies as standard specification includes a digital speedometer, LED front and rear lights, a panoramic glass sunroof and a USB charging port. The all-electric passenger version is offered in three trim levels, with a choice of three colour packs — orange, blue or grey.

These are priced at £400 (including VAT) and can be fitted at home (you can see in the photographs, the splashes of orange added to this demonstration vehicle).

Each pack comes with colour-coded wheel trims, rear pillar decals, three colour-coded dashboard storage boxes, dashboard bag hook, exterior door capsules, two door storage nets and two black floor mats with colour-coded trim.

In addition, all colour packs add a separation net between the driver and passenger footwells, a smartphone cradle for the dashboard and the DAT@AMI connection box that allows drivers to consult their Ami’s charge status from the MyCitroën mobile app.

Ami 100% electric customers can also choose from two higher trim levels offering even greater levels of customisation: Ami Pop and Ami Vibe.

Ami Pop combines the orange colour pack with black trim on the Ami’s “front face”, lower front and rear bumpers, and around the rear lights. Ami Pop also features a black rear spoiler.

Ami Vibe has a distinctive presence on the road. Complementing the grey colour pack, ‘Ami Vibe’ features include a black finish to the top of the front bumper, front and rear bumper bases, rear light surrounds, and adds two decorative black roof rails and black wheel arches.

Both Ami Pop and Ami Vibe are supplied with their customisations fitted at the factory, and are priced at £8,495 and £8,895 (on the road) respectively.

For businesses carrying out short distance or last-mile deliveries, the all-electric — My Ami Cargo — is offered in a single specification, priced at £7,995 (on the road). In place of the passenger seat, My Ami Cargo features a modular storage area that can be configured for a range of business needs. Coupled with the interior storage already present on-board, My Ami Cargo offers a total load capacity of 400-litres.

Eurig Druce, Citroën UK’s managing director, said: “I’m thrilled that we’re able to announce UK pricing and specifications for the Ami 100% electric and My Ami Cargo. These exciting new quadricycles showcase the way the Citroën brand brings innovation, electric mobility and clever design to the widest possible range of people, offering customers a radically different take on urban transport.”

All versions of Ami feature a 6kW electric motor, allowing the new model to reach a top speed of 27.9mph, and a 5.5kWh battery that gives it a range of over 46 miles.

A charging cable is built into the passenger door frame, which attaches — using a simple adapter (supplied with both Ami 100% electric and My Ami Cargo) — to a Type 2 connector, allowing a full charge to be completed in just three hours from a home wallbox or a public charging point.

Ami 100% electric and My Ami Cargo are being sold exclusively online, with customers placing their orders through a dedicated Citroën Ami digital platform.

An in-house Ami expert team will be on hand and, says Citroën, will shortly be “reaching out to the over 2,000 customers who have already reserved an Ami to convert their reservations into orders”.

I think with the Ami 100% electric, the French carmaker Citroën shows it is not afraid of demonstrating its famous “quirkiness” of style in a way only the French can. Long may it be so.


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