Sunday, 07 August 2022

Electric vehicles help toddlers get sleep

PARENTS that have switched to electric, plug-in hybrid or hybrid vehicles say their current cars are more effective in helping young children fall asleep than the previous petrol or diesel cars they have owned, according to the latest research by Citroën UK.

In a study of 2,000 UK parents with babies and young children, 56.4 per cent of those owning an electrified vehicle said their child found it either as easy or easier to nod off in their current car, compared to petrol or diesel models they had previously owned.

Just 11.9 per cent said an electrified vehicle made it harder to get their children off to sleep, while 15.8 per cent were unsure either way.

Nearly half (44 per cent) of all the parents surveyed said they had taken their child on a short car journey specifically to help them fall asleep. Citroën UK’s research also highlighted how effective using a car can be to help kids have a snooze, with the data showing that on average it takes a child 16.5 minutes to fall asleep in a car, with 96 per cent of parents saying their child typically falls asleep in 30 minutes or less.

The top factors that parents felt were most beneficial in helping babies and young children fall asleep on a car journey were the gentle movements of the vehicle on the road (46 per cent), a comfortable in-car temperature (41 per cent) and a comfortable car seat (40 per cent). More than a third of parents (34 per cent) told Citroën that they find a smooth drive to be the most important factor to help their child nod off.

Recognising the benefits for drivers and passengers of all ages, Citroën’s latest vehicle range is developed to provide optimum in-car comfort while travelling, enhanced further in Citroën’s electrified models, which all offer the serenity of ‘ë-Comfort’ thanks to a calm, refined and near-silent driving experience in all-electric mode.

Citroën’s Advanced Comfort Programme® — including Advanced Comfort Suspension® that remains exclusive to the Citroën brand — uses Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® to absorb bumps in the road, ensuring a serene and comfortable ride for all.

Citroën also uses an enhanced seat design with a core of high-density foam and an additional 15mm top layer of textured foam to provide maximum comfort and support.

Citroën already offers an affordable range of nine electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, including several models that are ideally suited to families.


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