Sunday, 01 August 2021

Jag with pumped-up attitude

ON a crisp, sunny summer’s morning in the late Sixties I took a ride in a very special car. It was one of those driving experiences that has stayed with me ever since.

This is no exaggeration: the trip took just minutes from Greys Court, Henley to Peppard but it was in a Sixties Jaguar E-Type convertible, now deemed one of the great British classic cars of all time. That ride remains a cherished memory.

This brief encounter was nothing more than functional: my builder boss needed his student labourer quickly back in the yard in Peppard to unload a lorry. The workers’ pick-up truck was elsewhere so I got my ride in his beautiful blue E-Type.

Nearly 50 years on I have this week been revelling in driving a direct descendant of that great classic — the new 2014 Jaguar F-Type Convertible V6S.

The highly acclaimed F-Type, upon which Jaguar has staked its future in sports car manufacture, is as much a car of its age — the 21st century — as the E-Type was a true part of the Sixties.