Sunday, 21 April 2019

MPV perfect for parties

by Nigel Wigmore

I HAD heard good things about Vauxhall’s MPV, the Zafira, but until recently had never driven the car myself.

One of the best reports of its enduring performance was from a colleague who used to hammer his Zafira along a well-worn route from his London home to the South of France. Eventually, he settled in Perpignan, France and presumably took his Zafira with him.

The point is that this motorist, and friend, used the Zafira over a long time and it was proven to be reliable and comfortable. It would have to be for such regular long trips. So when I was offered a drive in the new Zafira Tourer I was looking forward to seeing what the fuss was about. True, this car drives like a made-for-driving MPV (multi-purpose-vehicle). But the Tourer also has the advantage of being a seven-seater. We put this to the test on a trip to a family party when the Zafira was full to the brim.

The good news is, the car acquitted itself well, and although the two final seats at the rear are not huge we had a generally happy carful of people going to a party. Vauxhall has said the all-new Zafira Tourer is a vehicle with which it “wants to tighten its already strong grip on the MPV segment”.

The all-new model Tourer offers improved cabin space, upgraded materials and “greater levels of innovation from the upgraded Flex7 seating arrangement”.