Saturday, 31 July 2021

Look beyond the badge for a monster of a drive

A CONFIRMED sighting of a new Yeti on the horizon is good news for its army of fans who have come to appreciate this almost comically named car.

For make no mistake about it there may have been jokes about the name but the Skoda Yeti is undoubtedly a good car.

Name-calling of course is something that Skoda itself has borne with fortitude over the years but one of the worst kept secrets among many motorists “in the know” these days is exactly how good Skodas are.

The Yeti is no exception: in its most punchy form (with a slugger of a two-litre engine) the Yeti was described to me by a friend as being just about as close to a “GTi 4x4” as you can get.

This week’s drive was the Skoda Yeti Outdoor SE, a car that combines ruggedness with power and performance. The new Yeti looming on the horizon is a much more exotic dish: the so-called Yeti Monte Carlo (but more of that in a moment).


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