Friday, 23 July 2021

Intellicar is my car of the year

by Nigel Wigmore

CHOOSING one outstanding car in any one year can be tricky but for me there is a car that stood out head and shoulders above the rest in 2013.

It was the new Volvo V40, a car that not only demonstrated that a manufacturer can successfully produce entirely new models in a ruthlessly competitive market but can also conjure up a car that does not compromise the reputation on which its maker’s success was founded.

In my experience, Volvo has excelled itself in recent years. Despite being now owned by the Chinese after a period with Ford, the Swedish car company has proved that with regard to the cars it is currently producing, it is still its “own man”.

There have been the naysayers, those who cannot get round Volvo’s tendency in the past to present a safe and sensible image somewhat lacking in style. But the recent years of production to my mind have seen Volvo correct this imbalance.

Not only are newer Volvos still safer and eminently sensible (as is their wont) they are stylish, too. And none more so than the V40, the Swedish car company’s “baby” and a welcome addition to the fold.


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