Tuesday, 09 August 2022

New Shogun drives like it’s an old friend

I HAVE spent some time this week with a car — or rather an SUV — that I consider to

I HAVE spent some time this week with a car — or rather an SUV — that I consider to be an old friend,

writes Nigel Wigmore

This is the enduring Mitsubishi Shogun, a proven modern classic that before it became synonymous with the acronym (sorry about that!) SUV, we all used to refer to as “one of those big 4x4s”.

My affection for this vehicle remains undiminished — though I can quite see from this drive of the Shogun that for the future it is a model in need of a ground-up remodelling to take on its competitors in the fierce large luxury SUV market.

Mitsubishi has just done exactly that with its other classic model, the L200 pick-up. I hope to test and report back to you on the all-new L200 in the coming weeks.

And according to

What Car?
magazine “after the sales success of the Outlander PHEV we expect the new Shogun to be offered with plug-in hybrid technology”.

For now, my days with this big, white Shogun have been as enjoyable as ever. Perhaps it was because I had just tested a brand new version of another big, classic SUV (that has taken on board all the new technology and design features) that the reported “new Shogun in 2017” will be welcomed.

The latest model Shogun still combines authentic four-wheel drive go-anywhere ability with great comfort. It comes with a Euro V compliant turbo diesel engine and offers a choice of versions including the one I drove — the five-door long-wheelbase model.

As well as the three- and five-door options, there is a four-model line-up — the SG2, SG3, SG4 and the familiar Warrior, which in terms of specification will sit above the SG2. In addition to the redesigned front grille, all variants benefit from new 18in alloy wheels.

Until a new model comes along, this current classic Shogun is still a great buy for the “big 4x4” enthusiast.

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