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Price is right for MG's new model

Price is right for MG's new model

THE legend “since 1924” pops up on the touchscreen upon start-up of the all-new MG GS SUV (sport utility vehicle).

And that says it all. The now Chinese-owned MG car company’s latest offering, the MG GS, is a prime example of what a “family” car aspires to be today.

And it is something that the company acknowledges its proud past. This ancestry lives on in the badge alone, yet no one could argue that the canny Chinese-backed MG is not a car made fit for the 21st century global market.

The MG, so long a name synonymous with Britishness, now means real business in a ruthless world car market. And I for one think this new MG GS is a step in the right direction.

Of course it starts with price, and the MG GS is to say the least affordable — with the line-up starting from £14,995 and finishing at £19,495 for the manual transmission and £20,995 for the DCT (dual-clutch transmission) version. I liked the GS’s high riding position and its roomy inside.

Here is an SUV for a family that might aspire to a vehicle of this kind but not be able to afford more expensive luxurious models.

Some might say its interior is too clinical and practical, with its predominance of black plasticity, but it is clean and unfussy. The controls are generally easily found, though I did have a problem with the low positioning of the cruise control stalk on the steering wheel.

The MG GS has a five-year factory warranty as standard. Its makers say that the new MG GS “holds its own” when you consider the competition with regard to features including CO2 output, torque, and towing ability.

The MG GS can in fact tow a large family caravan. Designed and engineered in Longbridge, Birmingham, it is available in three trim levels, with an option of manual or DCT on the top specification.

The trim levels are:

l MG GS Explore. This entry-level model’s price tag of £14,995 includes cruise control, automatic headlamps and air conditioning.

l MG GS Excite. As well as what the Explore offers, this trim level has DAB radio, Bluetooth connectivity and rear parking sensors for £17,495.

l MG GS Exclusive. The top of the range, the Exclusive is available with a choice of transmissions: six-speed manual or MG’s first seven-speed DCT gearbox. Leather sports seats that are electrically adjustable and an iGO navigation system are great additions that allow the driver to relax and enjoy stress-free-driving. The manual is available at £19,495 and the DCT at £20,995.

Matthew Cheyne, Head of sales and marketing for MG, said: “The MG GS is competitive in many ways and we are confident it will do well in the SUV market. Customers choosing the MG GS will save money over more expensive SUVs.”

The MG GS went on sale at MG dealerships across the country in June.

For more information, visit the

Modern MGs are designed, engineered and finally assembled in Longbridge.

Two cars currently come off the assembly lines there: the MG6 and the MG3 with “several new models” planned for the future according to MG.


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