Sunday, 24 January 2021

Henley Rock Choir

HENLEY Rock Choir has been continuing online since March, which has been fantastic.

Recently many members took part in our final Christmas social, which included a reading of A Christmas Carol.

All I sent to them was the script and their character name with a suggestion that they be creative with it.

The shows went brilliantly and everyone watching was so impressed. Scrooge was played by one of our members.

To see the highlights reel, (eight minutes long), visit

Member from branches in Caversham and Henley, led by Lucy Vickers, helped record a Christmas charity single called Keeping The Dream Alive, a 1988 hit for Münchener Freiheit.

More than 4,500 Rock Choir members around the UK recorded the song from their homes. All proceeds from the downloads of the single will go to the Mental Health Foundation.

The sentiment of the song is perfect for what has been an extraordinarily tough year for many, when mental health issues have increased dramatically.

Merry Christmas.

Lucy Hewes, Henley Rock Choir leader, and Julie Lee, Caversham

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