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Scream stars of the past

Scream stars of the past

POP fans are invited to enjoy a voyage through the music of teen idols past and present when the Vinyl Frontier returns to Norden Farm next Saturday (February 27).

Hosted by Jeff Lloyd, the music night is a popular monthly fixture at the Maidenhead venue, with recent editions having focused on new wave, glam rock and one-hit wonders.

Having moved online during the lockdown era, February’s event will be the ninth to be streamed live.

Jeff’s guide to teen idols will take the audience into the world of tearful fans who adored their heroes like none other.

From Elvis to the present day, everyone has their own favourites, but will your teenage crush make the cut?

Jeff said: “To be able to distil all the candidates down, I had to come up with a definition of what a teen idol was/is.

“I decided that most importantly the artist must have had screaming adulation. And when that filter is applied you find that we start in 1963.

“So settle down and travel with me through tears, screams, scarves, flares, bottle tops and face paint as we discover who the teen idols were and are.”

The show starts at 8pm and tickets cost £8.

For more information, call 01628 788997 or visit

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