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Indie quartet planning a life of musical krime

IT’s the teenage dream of millions of young men to break into the world of rock — and for four

IT’s the teenage dream of millions of young men to break into the world of rock — and for four schoolmates from Henley on their gap year it’s a dream they’re throwing everything at.

The indie quartet, Komodo Krimes, have spent the past three years building their reputation on the London gig circuit, playing at venues such as the Hawley Arms in Camden, a favourite haunt of the late Amy Winehouse and ex-Libertines frontman Pete Doherty.

Now they’ve just released their first EP, A Million Other Things, which was recorded at folk saxophonist Joe Henwood’s studios in Nettlebed.

Frontman, songwriter and rhythm guitarist Pablo Bowman, 19, formed the band two years ago after a series of solo gigs. He recruited three old friends from Trinity Primary School — Ally Brady, 16, as lead guitarist, Rory Marsh, 18, on bass and 19-year-old drummer, Ollie Morgan.

Pablo, of Belle Vue Road, said: “Everything I write has a real dance vibe to it, and when it was just me performing with my acoustic guitar it wasn’t getting the right feel across.

“This is not ‘the Pablo band’, though — I wanted it to be a group effort. I write the core of the songs, but the other guys add their own parts to them.”

Although he is a fan of alternative artists like Vampire Weekend and Foals, Pablo said he draws his inspiration from many different sources.

“I try to have as many influences as possible because that’s what being original is about — you need to absorb everything,” he said.

“I’m into jazz and I’m definitely inspired by the big songwriters like Lennon and McCartney or Bob Dylan. I also like music from all over the world.

“My mum’s from Spain and I listen to a lot of Spanish music, which is very rhythmic. Whenever I hear a piece of music, I always try to listen to the rhythms and the melodies and ask myself what makes it a good song.”

The EP consists of seven songs, which were published online over several days last week. Listeners can download it for £1 but are encouraged to pay more.

The group has also made a video for one of the tracks, the reggae and dance-influenced Something New, which is available to watch on the Henley Standard TV website.

The video was filmed and edited by 17-year-old aspiring photographer Joelle Poulos, who lives in Henley and studies art at The Henley College.

It shows the band recording the EP at the Nettlebed studios and includes footage from previous gigs.

As well as their frequent forays into London, the band played to a home crowd at the Royal Marines Reserves’ headquarters in Friday Street, Henley, just before Christmas. The show, which was attended by more than 100 people, was part of the town’s annual Living Advent Calendar.

Although all four met at Trinity Primary School, Pablo, Ally and Ollie studied together at Gillotts secondary school in Henley while Rory went on to the independent Abingdon School. However they managed to stay in touch and remain friends.

Apart from Ally, who is still studying at Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School in Marlow, the band are on a gap year after finishing their A levels.

Pablo and Ollie work at Hot Gossip coffee shop in Friday Street, while Rory has taken on a variety of temporary jobs.

They are applying for university places, but say their plans could change if the band takes off.

Pablo said: “We’re just pushing and pushing and seeing how far we can go. We’d like to play some small festivals over the summer and make more videos.

“We’re not yet at the stage where we’re committed to going all the way with it, but we’re spending every free minute trying to get gigs and publicise ourselves as much as possible.

“I think we all feel it’s worth working as hard as we can and seeing where it takes us.”

To listen to the EP, visit http://komodokrimes.

To listen to the Something New video, visit www.

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