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Not a tribute band!

AS well as drama and comedy, the Henley Fringe Festival features music, with a number of bands playing at various

AS well as drama and comedy, the Henley Fringe Festival features music, with a number of bands playing at various venues this year.

Among the local bands on show are the Crossfire Hurricanes who, hot on the heels of Glastonbury, will be performing their set of “solid Stones rock”.

Drummer and lead vocalist Peat Gregory said: “We play The Rolling Stones — but are we the gyrating Jagger strangling his vocals, the laconic Keith and his elegant wastedness, the motionless Bill?

“We’re none of those. The Crossfires are not a tribute band as such, we don’t dress up like the Stones and there are no wigs, pouting or prancing. We just play their notes our way and let the music speak for itself.

“We are not there to laugh at the Rolling Stones, easy as that might be. We are there to pay homage to some of the most inventive rock ‘n’ roll music to come from these shores.

“We play the chords, the notes, the harmonies and stick to the spirit of the Stones, but not the letter. We pack the set full of energy and attack from the unmistakable opening chords of Brown Sugar, through the classic riffs of Satisfaction, The Last Time, Jumping Jack Flash and Sympathy For The Devil because we believe these are great songs, even when not performed by their creators.

“It’s not all about the music, this four-piece is very happy to engage with its audience with witty and off-the-cuff remarks. We’re not dour or sullen. We like a laugh, but more than anything we like rock ‘n’ roll and audiences pick up on that very quickly. From the opening of Brown Sugar until the last embers of Paint It Black the audience is usually on its feet dancing and singing the lyrics — they can’t stop themselves. These songs mean as much to the audience as they do to the band.”

The Crossfire Hurricanes, also featuring Barry Rosier on bass and vocals, Paul Cleverley on lead guitar and Mike Rowbottom on guitars and lead vocals, play at the Angel on the Bridge Friday and Saturday, July 26 and 27. Other bands to look out for this year include The Acoustic Trio, playing at In The Groove record shop, Naomi Vallance, Thrill Collins, Totie and Valentine.

For more information or to buy tickets go to www.henleyfringe.org

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