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Totie back at college to shoot song promo

SINGER-songwriter Totie Southwell has shot the video for her latest song at Shiplake College.

SINGER-songwriter Totie Southwell has shot the video for her latest song at Shiplake College.

Miss Southwell, 24, wrote

Then and Now
in just two days after being approached by Camelot Films, the makers of a short film with the same title.

The film tells the story of the September 11 terrorist attacks through the eyes of an English man, played by

Game of Thrones
star Julian Glover.

It has already won several international awards and is up for both the BAFTA and Academy Awards qualifying festivals.

The video sees Miss Southwell, a former student at the college, playing the piano in a hall and is interspersed with shots from the film.

It was directed by Liam and Kyle Bashford, of the Bashford Twins production company, who also directed the film.

Miss Southwell, whose stepmother Jo Southwell is a writer and director, wore a blue dress and had her hair styled before taking her place in the hall, which was filled with smoke.

She said: “This is my first proper music video. I’ve been filmed before, but never like this. I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do â?? I can sing a song, but when you’re on camera it’s completely different.

“The directors have a good idea of what they want, so they just tell me where to be and to look a certain way. It’s all very new to me but I can’t wait to see how it looks when they’re done.

“It’s nice being back here. I used to go to the college and it’s a wonderful place.”

Miss Southwell said there was pressure to write a good song in a short space of time, but she relished the challenge.

She said: “The film is great. I watched it and they told me I had two days to write a song. In between doing a normal job that becomes just four hours!

“It’s really different. I write my own songs but this was writing to a brief. I had to get into the character’s head, but I really enjoyed the challenge. It was good for me and took me out of my comfort zone.”

The film will be screening at the Henley Regal Picturehouse at 7.30pm on Sunday, September 6, as part of the Henley Fringe and Film Festival.

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Then and Now
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