Saturday, 17 November 2018

Uri Geller removes controversial statue

URI GELLER has removed a sculpture he had put on display to mark his time in Sonning.

URI GELLER has removed a sculpture he had put on display to mark his time in Sonning.

The 68-year-old illusionist unveiled the bright red steel artwork in the shape of a bent spoon on the towpath near his £15million house less than three weeks ago.

But within days he was warned that he should have sought planning permission and then the piece had graffiti written on it.

Now Geller, who has moved back to his native Israel, has had the sculpture removed from its tree stump home, leaving only a normal spoon that is bent.

His spokesman said Geller felt that planning permission would be denied, adding: ?I can tell you from having worked with Uri for several years, his hunches are usually right.?

He said the sculpture would now be taken to Jerusalem to be used as a symbol of peace and ?bring about a more peaceful relationship between Israel and Palestine?.

Geller had said the sculpture, which bears his name, was a ?token of appreciation? to the people of Sonning, where he lived for 35 years.

But, as the Henley Standard reported last week, the artwork was vandalised by someone with a black marker pen who added the letters ?n? and ?e? after his name and made it read: ?Taking the Urine Geller?.

A bag of dog faeces was also tied to the artwork along with a note saying: ?Just another pile of crap left on the Thames towpath.?

Geller responded on Facebook, saying: ?To the person who put this note on the spoon sculpture... thank you.

?It?s humorous and anything which makes people laugh or wonder, or question, is brilliant in my opinion. I love it!?

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