Sunday, 22 May 2022

Stubbs and Coff in fine form for Stingers

NETTLEBED Stingers eased to a comfortable victory in their Reading and District League clash with Posha last Saturday.

The first quarter of the game began with Posha leading by two goals due to a paperwork goal penalty for Stingers.

Nettlebed hit back as Emma Johnston (C) led the team with fast centre passes to (WA) Judy Goforth, resulting in Stingers quickly making Posha’s lead disappear. The first quarter finished with Stingers ahead by eight goals. Chanti Stubbs (GS) made each goal look effortless as she shot from near the goal or the edge of the circle.

The second quarter saw Mandy Hough come on court for Goforth. A different dynamic could be seen as Hough (WA) played the ball from centre court into the circle with precision. Sammy Coff (GA), who usually plays in centre court, scored numerous goals.

Lydia Johnson (GD) had a good tussle as her GA was was fast and tall and had an incredible shot.

Clair McCarthy (WD) played a good defensive game with accuracy and aggression and could be seen running around the court arms to her side so that she didn’t cause obstruction, but was able to use her arms for any interception while Sarah Roberts (GD) was holding down the defence as goalkeeper.

Posha’s GS rarely left the circle but as soon as she got the ball it was straight in the net. Moving no more then a few metres Posha’s GS and Sarah Roberts tussled well for the ball. Johnston took a slip that rolled her ankle leaving her limping across court but still intercepting, jumping and being a nuisance to her opponent.

The final quarter saw an impressive amount of goals scored by Stubbs, netting at every attempt. Fast on her feet Coff excelled running circles around her nippy opponent to get into the circle. Emma Payne (GK) swapped in due to Johnston’s injury, while Goforth came back on as centre and Roberts moved to wing defence.

With a new defensive dynamic, Posha were kept busy but through some impressive shooting they did score nine more goals. Between them Stubbs and Coff scored 20 goals in the final quarter as Stingers triumphed 57-31.

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