Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Stingers hit top spot

NETTLEBED Stingers put in a good performance last Saturday to defeat Reading and District League leaders Thunderbirds.

After a tentative start the Stingers took control of the first quarter as Sammy Coff (WA) and Emma Johnston (C) fed the ball into the Nettlebed circle where Katie Bayfield (GS) and Totie Southwell (GA) scored eight times to the Thunderbirds’ four.

Despite some good play by the Thunderbirds shooters, the Stingers defence of Chanti Stubbs (GK), Lydia Johnston (GD) and Judy Goforth (WD) were in fine form and made sure that any errors were seized upon and turned to Nettlebed’s advantage. At half-time the Stingers led 16-10.

The second half saw Sarah Roberts coming on as WD, while Goforth moved to WA to replace an injured Coff. The Stingers continued their dominance and finished the third quarter 30-14 ahead.

With the wind picking up in the final quarter and both teams tiring, the Stingers kept passing tight. They had led from the beginning and finished the match ahead by 17 goals.

NETTLEBED Stingers moved to the top of the Maidenhead and District League on a wet and windy evening on Tuesday of last week after they defeated Frenzy in their Division 2 clash.

Stingers came out of the starting blocks fast and gained an early lead with strong shooting and quick pace from attacking duo Katie Bayfield (GA) and Totie Southwell (GS).

Stingers defence of Chanti Stubbs (GK) and Sarah Roberts (GD) worked hard throughout the game to put pressure on Frenzy’s attack, trying various tactics to disturb momentum, which led to both gaining some fine interceptions. Half time saw the Stingers leading 22-8.

Nettlebed’s centre court players Mandy Houghs (C), Judy Goforth (WA) and Emma Payne (WD) worked tirelessly, feeding the ball into the circle to allow Bayfield and Southwell to convert.

The final quarter saw Frenzy have their highest scoring quarter with six goals but the Stingers kept up the pressure to win

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