Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Bayfield and Stubbs shine for Henley

HENLEY HAWKS came out on top in their clash with Business Moves in the Premier Division of the Maidenhead and District Netball League.

There was little to separate the teams in an evenly matched first half. The centre court players Judy Goforth (C), Sammy Coff (WA) and Claire McCarthy (WD) worked well together and moved the ball swiftly as Henley ended the first quarter 8-7 ahead.

Both teams kept up the pace and continued to match each other goal-for-goal, resulting in a score of 17-17 at half time. Henley came out the stronger team in the second half. The defensive pairing of Emma Payne (GK) and Lydia Johnston (GD) made numerous turnovers to shift the ball into the Hawks favour to give them a five-goal advantage moving into the final quarter.

Henley kept up the pressure and pushed hard down the court as their opponents became frustrated. Chanti Stubbs (GS) and Katie Bayfield (GA) moved well in the circle and took every shooting opportunity to further extend the Hawks lead.

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