Thursday, 13 August 2020

Inspired by the Thames

BOATIQUE was born from the river Thames and all things nautical.

BOATIQUE was born from the river Thames and all things nautical.

We aim to select and gather the best boating treasures we can find.

We value the ecosystem and recycling, unique and handmade crafts, high–quality fashion and textiles, and pieces that tell stories all of their own. Together they paint a picture of boating and Henley’s river life. Grounded in 25 years of experience within the boating world, Boatique was opened to offer the things that we love to others.

Gillian’s passion for boats and the river shines through in everything we do, from the name Boatique to our clothing lines such as Armor Lux, the original Breton top manufacturers and Petit Bateau for ladies, children and even guys.

The river runs through us like blood through our veins. However, like all rivers that meander and find their own course, over time so have we.

Over the past couple of years we have evolved, moving to larger premises at 5 Friday Street, where we are drawing inspiration from the whole golden era of transportation to include aviation and campaign furniture which complement our art and photography.

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