Friday, 14 May 2021

Vet offering dental amnesty

A HEALTHY mouth is an important part of feeling good for dogs and cats, just as it is for us.

A HEALTHY mouth is an important part of feeling good for dogs and cats, just as it is for us.

Dental disease can cause anything from mild discomfort to chronic pain and spread infections to other organs in the body. Oddly, cats and dogs make no fuss about dental disease until is very advanced.

Every day at the Veterinary Centre, in the course of routine examinations, vets and nurses spot plaque build-up, gum disease, tooth decay and halitosis in our patients and we recommend dental products and dietary changes for the early cases and a dental scale and polish, sometimes with extractions, under general anaesthetic for the more advanced case.

Our clients leave the consultation full of good intentions but never quite getting around to booking their pets in for their dentistry. So, to mop up all those long overdue dental cases and get them all feeling at their very best we are having a summer dental amnesty, offering fixed-price dentals throughout July and August. See our advert for details.

You will see the difference — and your pet will feel the difference.

When the Cats Whiskers Boarding Cattery first opened in 1989 at our previous address, catteries around the Henley area were few and far between. As there was little regulation to the design and construction catteries varied hugely in their facilities. I was determined to make my own cattery the best available at that time and looked to finding the “Best Guide to Catteries”

The then Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB for short) Founded by Joan Judd in 1958 was the only source of information available giving guide lines and advice to people on how catteries could be built and operated and also what cats owners should be looking for when boarding their cat/s.

The Feline Advisory Bureau ceased being (FAB) on the 16th October 2010 and instead became the International Cat Care (CII) which recommends catteries to now adhere to the new requirements which is overseen by Local Councils adopting the new CIEH (Certified Institute of Environmental Health)

The CIEH rules will improve standards even more by requiring catteries to use newer materials like UPVC framework/glass instead of plastic and wipe down plastic coated walls and tiled floors all for better hygiene. There should also be a proper kitchen area which is clean and free from flies and vermin.

In time all catteries will have to be built/updated to the new CIEH requirements.

Cats Whiskers Boarding Cattery is built to the new CIEH standards and suggests you check out the web site for the CII for information regarding catteries and not FAB in future.

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